Gegham Ksajikyan

Founder & CEO

TCO member from the ancient times

About Gegham

My name is Gegham, the founder and CEO of TCO team. The idea of TCO was invented by me and our co-founder Petros during the time when we had worked in another IT company. We felt that we understand each other very well and can cooperate. When we decided to create such an IT company which would have warm and happy environment, motivational conditions that would be effective and would contribute to the development of the working process, the idea of creating TCO team had developed. We’d started from a little but very interesting project which was connected with Google Analytics. Over the 3 years, we have implemented more than 85 projects and we strive for more. My slogan is “To create important, useful products that will make life more comfortable”.

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You can always get in touch with me, will be very happy to answer our team customer's questions personally.