Harutyun Yenokyan

Full Stack Web Developer

TCO member since 02/02/2018

About Harutyun

My name is Harutyun, I’m an economist. Everything connected with nature I consider as my passion. My favorite hobbies are painting and playing the guitar. I’m very patient and I consider it to be the most important feature of mine. I had the desire to change my working field and IT was the best for me. In 2018, I started to attend the courses organized by TCO team, and after successful completion became the team member. I’m fond of creating something from scratch which would be applicable and useful in all over the world. I’m a TCO team member since July, 2018. TCO team is a friendly and pleasant environment. TCO is the best way for the professional growth. There are intelligent and obliging team members who are ready to help in every situation.

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You can always get in touch with me, will be very happy to answer our team customer's questions personally.