B2B Sales is not about selling anymore, it’s about building trust

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B2B Sales is not about selling anymore, it’s about building trust

If your sales team is still selling, then you are living in a past. Sales is not about selling anymore, it’s about building trust and educating buyers. Here are several statistics about B2B sales that will inspire your sales team to innovate.

70% of buyers say that the quickest way to their hearts is to listen to their individual needs.
60% of buyers aren’t ready to talk to a salesperson until they’ve done their own research.
60% of B2B buyers are only ready to talk to a salesperson once they’ve done their own research and are well into their buyer’s journey. Reaching this audience earlier than competitors means becoming the thought leader they go to when conducting research.
95% of buyers go with companies that can provide relevant, informative content at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Spread your targeted content across these stages, and you’ll be creating touchpoints from start to finish
82% of customers engaged with at least five pieces of content from their provider before deciding to request their services. Ensure that the quality of your content reflects the quality of your product or service. You’ll capture more leads and build trust.
76% of sales emails never get opened, and the average person deletes nearly half of all new emails every day. Learn what buyers want to see in their inbox, and you won’t have to compete for your leads’ attention – they’ll give it, freely.
Nurturing leads results in a 20 percent increase in your chances of closing a deal, but the process takes time. The tools are out there to automate and optimise nurturing busy-work like email management.
64% of salespeople that use social media, like Linkedin, reach their quotas. For those that don’t, the number drops to 40%.
50% of buyers perceiving salespeople as pushy – and 60% of them saying that pushiness hurts the chances of a successful deal – it’s become an imperative to evolve.
Build trust by engaging leads early in their buyer’s journey, automating where possible and maintaining a presence on the right platforms. Death to cold calls, long live inbound selling.

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