4 reasons to use PHP in 2020

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4 reasons to use PHP in 2020

Flexible and Dynamic:
PHP code allows using of all major platforms from Windows, Unix, and Linux toMacOS. This code supports most ofthe servers (including Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, iPlanet, Caudium, Xitami, Tornado etc.) and more than 30databases(PostgreSQL MySQL, MongoDB, ,etc.).

It is usually recommended to use it with HTML, PHP is perfectly integrated with JavaScript, WML, XML, andother programming languages. You will have no problems with browser exposure because all the scripts are compiled on the server side.Besides most developers want to develop applications using web programming languages that are more easy to find and fix any error or fail. So, PHP is the best choice, with each request it cleansup and then starts over.

PHP code can be freely modified and easily changed. You will haveno problems with maintaining and updating PHP-based projects. They are quick and cost-effectively adjusted to innovative apps that are used by market and to the new business requirements. And due to open-source contribution, new functionality meeting the emerging needs of businesses pops up regularly and costs nothing. And since PHP code is written in a consistent and distinctmanner, maintenance and support can be provided by any team, any time, not obligatory the one which developed the project fromzero.

Good PHP Website Performance helps to get and retain Customers:
Fast website loading is crucial for audience retaining. Customer only needs 6-8 seconds, and if your website is slow, the users quickly leave it and never return and gave bad feedbacks. PHP ensures quick turnaround time based to its fast data processing features, outstanding customization potential, and seamless integration with various custom management systems. Projects normally go through functionality changes at some point or another. With PHP, due to its dynamic nature, it is possible to implement them irrespectively of the stage of development and itsave time.

Easy to Integrate:
PHP programming language is the most widely used language among other web programming languages. More than 30% of all the web sides are covered by PHP. PHP can be easily integrated with other systems like MongoDB, Memcache, and Pusher. Almost every field and every industry uses PHP for their application. All ofthem from private to government corporations from small to wide ranged businesses, that is why many organizations and corporates thinks that best programming language for website development is, PHP scripting language.

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