IMPORTANCE OF using LinkedIn

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IMPORTANCE OF using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is designed to find work and share business contacts. It has more than 400 million registered users. The resource is included in the top 15 sites visited according to the version of the analytical company Alexa. The company’s servers are located in California.
Linkedin is a global social network for business and business communications, which for some reason is still underestimated.

Here are some numbers to better understand the power of this social network:

• Created in 2003 by Reed Hoffman, who is called one of the most powerful business angels of this century (he invested in about 80 startups in the early stages: Facebook, Mozilla, Microsoft, Airbnb, Zynga)
Linkedin has 640 million users. But this number is constantly growing, since every second, 2 new profiles are registered in this social network (172,800 people daily)

• 80% of B2B leads generated via Linkedin
• 90 million top executives, 63 million decision makers and 17 million opinion leaders
• 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.
• 200 countries, 23 languages
• 19 million business pages
• Bill Gates has 20 million followers
• 14,000 full-time employees worldwide
• Only 1% of all LinkedIn users have a contact grid of more than 10,000 people
• Linkedin takes 25th place in the top 100 most popular sites in the world
• More than 20 million vacancies were published on this platform in 2019
• 39% of users use a Linkedin Premium Account
• Microsoft paid $ 26.2 billion in 2016 for the purchase of LinkedIn
• The average CEO has 930 connections
• Only 51% of users have a 100% completed profile
• The LinkedIn audience in most cases is highly professional and with an income above the average (99% with higher education, on average 45% of users receive $ 75,000 per year)

I’ll give you my own 10 reasons why businesses need LinkedIn:

1. This is the No. 1 global network for business and professional communication.
2. This is  abbility to “hunt” for potential customers
3. The most effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the most Google friendly platform (in the search results, your Linkedin profile will be shown first)
4. The possibility of identification and direct access to decision-makers (decision-makers) in corporate business in any field and country
5. Efficient network & B2B sales
6. Free PR shout for your business and additional Landing Page
7. An opportunity to receive feedback / recommendations from your clients, partners and colleagues
8. This is a 3D professional model of your business.
9. This is an opportunity for high-quality building of Personal & Professional Brands for experts in their industries
10. This is an opportunity to receive fresh insights from world gurus and tops, monitor global trends and keep abreast of innovations and modern approaches in any areas and industries.

If you don’t see the benefits of Linkedin, it’s only because there is a lack of understanding of the opportunities that this network opens up and a lack of understanding of the algorithms for working in it.

Now the world is compressed to the screen of your smartphone, and with Linkedin it becomes just one global network of contacts.

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