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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the use of email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It is essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through the postal service. 

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“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”
Tony Robbins

How can I achieve my goals? The question asked by many of us. In this blog, we are going to talk
about one method that is used to achieve your goals.

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Tips to enhance motivation

Grouping different types of people with different attitudes, culture and behavior canoften lead to understanding and gaps in communication among the team.
So, for the control of these kinds of affects, there are best practices and some tips to follow, which can bring more productivity and cooperation between them.Continue reading

5 Funny Facts about Santa

Santa Claus is one of the most beloved figures in modern culture. We all might think we know everything about the magical bearded man. Here are some interesting facts about Santa.

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Corporate culture in IT companies

Where to start…
Running Start up? But don’t forget, that it is only the half of your success. You must start creating THE CORPORATE CULTURE immediately!
We will tell the main points to concentrate your attention.

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Aggression In Mass Media (Trolling)

Users’ online profiles reflect not only their preferences for food, music, movies, TV shows or hobbies, but also the different political views that these users hold. Content personalization only reinforces certain political aim and informational atmosphere around the user.

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IT լուծումներ Ռեստորանային, Հյուրանոցային, Տուրիստական և Առևտրային բիզնեսի համար

🥁Օգնիր հաճախորդիդ… ✅Ամրագրել ✅Պատվիրել ✅Գնել ՕՆԼԱՅՆ
ԻՍԿ ԴՈՒ՝ 🔰Վաճառիր ՕՆԼԱՅՆ 🔰Դարձիր հասանելի բոլորին 🔰Եղիր մրցունակ
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IMPORTANCE OF using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is designed to find work and share business contacts. It has more than 400 million registered users. The resource is included in the top 15 sites visited according to the version of the analytical company Alexa. The company’s servers are located in California.
Linkedin is a global social network for business and business communications, which for some reason is still underestimated.

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