To be or not to be a developer?

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To be or not to be a developer?

High income

Anyone will argue with the fact that the IT industry today offers the highest level of salaries. Moreover, this is a global trend. For example, in the USA, the median salaryof a developer in C # is $ 60-100 thousand per year (excluding bonuses), dependingon the position level.Moreover, a number of IT companies offer their employees preferential terms on lending for housing construction, which is very important for young professionals.

Free schedule
Access control, work from 9 to 18, strictly regulated arrival and departure from the workplace – all this is not about modern high-tech companies. The office of most IT companies is a whole complex to create a pleasant atmosphere for work, comfort and loyalty to employees. The work schedule is often not fixed and allows you to vary the time of appearance in the office from 9 to 14 hours. The main requirement is the completion of tasks on time.For example, each employee of the Moscow office of Google can use 20% of the working time for their own projects. In addition, the company fully pays for meals at the office.Separate intellectual casteAs one IT specialist told us, a programmer is not a profession, but a way of life. In addition to high social status, these are topics of discussion that are obscure to the uninitiated, their slang, their hangouts and interests.Also, by default, a programmer is considered a highly intelligent and educated person. These are exactly the people with whom you can discuss the latest Hawkingbook, the latest news about the Hadron Collider and the eternal theme of “Android vs iOS”.

Profession of the future
Progress moves by leaps and bounds. Cars with autopilot are already appearing, theInternet of things is penetrating everyday life, the smartphone is turning into a personal intelligent assistant, and robots are competing with Chinese workers in factories. Behind all this is progress in the IT industry, which will constantly need highly qualified specialists. After all, someone must configure and program all these gadgets and robots.It is safe to say that before the invention of a full-fledged AI (artificial intelligence), programmers will be in demand.

Difficulties of the profession
However Let’s talk about the disadvantages of the profession, or rather about the difficulties that must be overcome in order to become a true professional.

Not suitable for everyone
The profession of a programmer is not without reason highly paid in any country in the world. The complexity of programming languages, the exactingness of the profession for mathematical abilities, perseverance and analytical mindset filter out a large number of people who want to get into the IT sphere.On the other hand, overcoming these difficulties will help you a great desire and perseverance. Two hundred years ago, there was not a single programmer on the planet, and people eventually came to the profession from other industries.

Unable to get the result for the first time
Fans of getting the result of their work here and now are better off not getting close to the profession of programmer. Not a single serious program (or even a part of it) is written without errors the first time. Regular debugging, tests, fixes, catching bugs and protection against an unreasonable user are what programmers most dislike and what is an inevitable evil of their work.The programmer is constantly attached to his workplace. If you are not a fan of sitting in the office and spending 8-10 hours at the computer, you will have to think about choosing another profession.This, oddly enough, has its advantages. The fact is that most IT companies are trying to make the workplace for their employees the most comfortable. And these are gaming areas right in the office, rest and relaxation rooms, modern equipment for work and many other “goodies” that an ordinary office worker can only dream of.

You can not stop in development
Remember the phrase from the famous “Alice through the Looking Glass”: “Here, you know, you have to run as fast just to stay in the same place, but to get to another place you need to run twice as fast.” She fully describes the situation in theIT industry. Given that this is the fastest growing and developing industry, you will constantly have to learn something new.Once you relax for at least a couple of months and your colleagues go further, and you will become the weakest link for the company. Programmers usually read little fiction, but shovel “tons” of professional publications. If you do not like to read, you have nothing to do in the profession.By the way, this minus can easily be transformed into a plus if you constantly learn something new, hone your skills. For such an active and ever-growing employee, IT companies often organize a “hunt” themselves.

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