Interesting facts about IT industry

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Interesting facts about IT industry

Dear Readers for this time we have decided to get you know several interesting facts about companies, people, and things that are very close to your everyday life.  
You are welcome and free to suggest and add your own fun facts based on your experience.
We hope you will like the list below and will find out something new and interesting for you!
So Let’s START.

  1. Developers’ attention, your fingers travel more than 12 miles on an average working day by typing.
  1. We make eBay rich. The company can be proud with an average deal rate of $680 per every second!
  1. Shame for Bill. Mr. Gates’ own house was designed on, guess what, on a Mac PC.
  1. While using computer you  blink 7 times less while at the computer. Normal rate should be somewhere around 20 times per minute.
  1. The very first computer mouse wasn’t made of plastic or metal or anything of that sort. It was carved from wood.
  1. The “QWERTY” keyboard we are so used to is considered effective for typing purposes, right? Well, DVORAK keyboard was proven to be at least 20 times faster. Nice?
  1. Each of us has  friends  that met by online chat and lived happily  ever One out of every eight marriages in the US was held by couples who’ve met online.
  1. First PC was called “Simon” by Berkley Enterprises and was worth $300 which was a whole load of money in 1950, the year this PC was released into market.
  1. Thanks to Apple who can be claimed responsible for popularization of the laser printer.
  1. Do You want to live in China? Be informed that different social media platforms like YouTube, Face book, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, and Skype are banned in China for public use.
  1. com was the first ever domain to be registered 31 years back and it is still in existence today, and 275 million domain names later.
  1. Did you Know that the original URL for Yahoo was

The name Yahoo was selected because it was derived from Gulliver’s Travels slang, “Yahoo” which was a fictional race of beings in the book.

  1. Did You hear the first name of Amazon? Its Originally named “,” Cadabra was an online bookstore only.

CEO Jeff Bezos explored other options in the 90’s, some of which still redirect to Amazon, like

  1. When Snapchat first launched in 2011, it was named Picaboo.
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