How To Write a Good Software Doc

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How To Write a Good Software Doc

Good written software documentation, whether a technical document for internal users, a specifications document for developers, helps people to understand the features and functions of software. Nowadays, more than ever we need well-documented code. Documentation can be a long way down on management and developers’ own to-do lists. Documentation should be a continuous process in order to have a well-structured project.

   Technical documentation is an irreplaceable resource for your users. Due to fast-moving development teams, it can be a challenge to keep your documentation up-to-date and looking professional. One of the hardest things in writing documentation is to choose the right software documentation tools.
Software documentation can be structured in 1 of 2 formats, the reference manual and the user guide. Sometimes a combination of these formats is the best solution.
A reference manual format is devoted to explaining the individual features of a software application and how they work. Many help files are written in this format, particularly context-sensitive help that displays a relevant topic whenever a user clicks the Help Button on a particular screen.
A user guide explains how to use the software to perform a particular task. User guides are often formatted as printed guides or PDFs, although some help files include topics on how to perform particular tasks. User guides often take the form of tutorials, with a summary of the tasks to be performed in the introduction and instructions given in numbered steps.
The functional reason for documenting software is to help users understand how to use the application.

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363 thoughts on “How To Write a Good Software Doc”

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