Product manager VS Project manager

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Product manager VS Project manager

Currently talking about the role and responsibilities of the project manager and product manager, there are a lot of misconceptions about their correct perception. It is very important to understand the role and significance of each specialists on the way to product development and success.

Product managers and project managers can and often do work closely together on the same initiatives, but in most cases, they have different sets of responsibilities.
The knowledge required to become a product manager also differs from the knowledge possessed by a project manager.
  Product management’s main objective is to manage the product. The product manager is in charge of a product from the beginning of its lifecycle to its end.
Product manager, first sets a vision for the product (based on research), then communicate that vision throughout the organization. Throughout this process, the product manager attempts to persuade executives and other stakeholders to become passionate about the planned product. If successful, the product manager develops a strategic action plan to help the organization bring the planned product to reality. So basically, the management of any product would look like researching the product value, setting a vision for the product, its marketing and strategy development. Product management would also include creating and maintaining a road map.

Project management is a goal-oriented management project. Project manager is responsible for breaking down strategic plans into actionable, task-oriented initiatives. This process involves coordination, delegation, and leadership, as the project manager should navigate interdependencies, team dynamics, and one-off challenges, all while meeting a deadline with limited resources.
Project managers also analyze the risk factors for success and failure, and clarify resources. The main goal of the project manager is to complete the project within the time limit set for them.
  Overall, we can highlight the following key functions for product and project managers:

Product Manager’s Functions
Strategy     Vision    
Industry knowledge    

Project Manager’s Functions
Tech knowledge

In conclusion although there are several differences in many aspects of product and project management, yet both the teams work in collaboration with each other. It is generally observed that their alliance is strong in high-performance workplaces. Since the organizational projects often involve one or more products, the Product Managers and Project Managers work collectively to achieve the overall business objectives. Lastly, the professionals of both fields make a valuable contribution to the ultimate success of the organization.

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