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We have been using different applications and web pages to get data for various resources. But we never questioned, where does this data come from? Well, it’s the servers from where we get the data. So in this article we will dive into how a client communicates with the servers to extract the required information.

We use programming code set called API that enables data transmission between software products.

Types of APIs

Software architectural style called REST (Representational State Transfer) defines the set of rules that is being used for creating web services. If the web services follow the REST architectural style they are known as RESTful web services. By using a uniform and predefined set of rules these services allow requesting systems to access and manipulate web resources .

A Restful system consists of a two components:

  • Client- sends request for the resource.
  • Server- has the requested resource.

Architectural Constraints
There are six architectural rules defined by REST which makes a web service – a true RESTful API.

Rules of REST API: While creating REST API endpoints we should be kept in mind certain rules.
Instead of action or verb based REST is based on the resource or noun. This means that a URI of a REST API should always end with a noun. Example:
Good – /api/articles,
Bad – /api?type=users.
Most used HTTP verbs to identify the action are: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, UPDATE, PATCH.
Before using HTTP verbs like – GET, PUT, POST, DELETE to modify resources, web application should be organized into resources like users. And for the developer should easily understand what needs to be done just by looking at the endpoint and HTTP method used.
Plurals should be used in URL to keep an API URI consistent throughout the application.
HTTP code should be properly defined to indicate a success or error status.
Differences between REST API and RESTFUL API

Rest APIs: Software architectural style REST uses a subset of HTTP.It creates interactive applications that use Web services.

REST is an architectural pattern that creates web services
REST data format is based on HTTP.
Working of URL is based on request and response.
It is user-friendly and extremely adaptable to all business companies and IT.
It is mandatoried to elaborate APIs that let interaction among clients and servers.

Restful APIs: It’s referred to as web services performing such as architecture.
RESTful API implement that pattern.
RESTful data format is based on JSON, HTTP, and Text.
Working process of RESTful Api is based on REST applications.
It is too much flexible.
It follows REST infrastructure that gives compatibility among various systems on all the network.

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