Idea Management: Bring Ideas Into Life

Idea Management: Bring Ideas Into Life

What pops into your mind when you think about idea management? Maybe brainstorming, getting feedback, corporate communications, empowering teams and so on.

Yes, you are nearly right. Idea management is the systematic management process of collecting, organizing and evaluating insights and feedback. Generally scratching ideas on notes or papers is not a good solution, they should be grouped to identify new opportunities, features and enhancements.
Definitely we know that every innovation began as an idea, but what are the main success factors in idea management. Here we will introduce 6 of them
1. Set goals: Clear goals and objectives will help to assess the desired end of this creative process. Idea management should be through an open dialogue with departments and colleagues.
2. Ideate: Ideation programs will fail without a strategy and employee engagement. During this stage the team generates ideas, filters the best and more innovative ones to produce better products and suggest design solutions.
Besides, to provide a safe working environment, bottom-up and top-down management should be combined.
Now let us discuss how ideation can help:
– It provides focus on users, their needs and insights through the right questions
– helps to step beyond the apparent solution and drive innovation
– Identifies the strengths of the team and helps the company to use their potential to the best – discovers new solutions
3. Motivate: company culture can be a source of motivation for the team. It empowers the team members to share ideas openly and contributes to the idea management process.
4. Collaborate: Collaborative idea management enables the employees and customers to express their point of view about your business and offer any changes they think should be made.
5. Evaluate: Companies should have evaluation criteria. In this context, the ideas and innovations should have the highest success potential and feasibility.
What do we mean, when we say success potential?
– the idea fits to the strategy
– adds values, solves problems
– has USPs in the target market
We know that companies put efforts for achieving success, so they should assess the impact of ideas and whether they are worth putting resources into.
6 . Implementation stage includes:
– idea selection
-evaluation of project’s all aspects
-collecting feedbacks from people aware of the target market, competitors
-feedback reaction
– Initial product/ Demo
-getting the product into market
– early testing
– making improvements according to the feedbacks
– growth planning and expansion
Great, you learnt about idea management, didn’t you?
One more thing not to forget about: brin

Cowriter: Eliza Gevorgyan

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